Rep. Cabello Addresses Loss of Large Employers from Illinois

SPRINGIFELD, ILLINOIS – Assistant Minority Leader and State Representative from the 90th District, John M. Cabello, held a press conference yesterday to discuss the continuing trend of large employers leaving Illinois for more favorable business environments. Representative Cabello expressed frustration at the situation and called on the state government to take action.

“Many of the people who are now without jobs live in the district that I’m honored enough to serve,” said Rep. Cabello. “I call it like I see it: this trend is because of our state’s anti-business policies. Entities of all sizes are making decisions to leave Illinois on a daily basis. From individuals in my district driving across the Illinois-Wisconsin border for gas and groceries, to big companies and employers trying to find more favorable business, it happens every single day.”

Rep. Cabello highlighted the impact of the loss of large employers on the working-class people of Illinois. “We need good-paying jobs so that the folks that we represent can pay their bills. Their bills are mounting, and they have no good jobs to go to… It’s time for us to call upon the majority party and this Administration to do their job to protect the working-class people.”

Rep. Cabello called on the state government to take steps to improve the business climate in Illinois and prevent the loss of large employers. “Why haven’t we taken the steps to stop the bleeding and keep large employers here? Why haven’t there been any large employers announcing to move to Illinois? Why are headlines always saying that employers are leaving rather than expanding? It’s because of the business climate that this state has, the business climate that the majority party has put in place.”

Rep. Cabello’s concerns come as Illinois continues to face challenges in retaining large employers and attracting new businesses to the state. Rep. Cabello hopes that state officials will reverse this trend and start creating a more favorable business environment that will create and retain jobs for the working-class people of Illinois.

John M. Cabello is the Assistant Minority Leader and State Representative for Illinois’ 90th House District which includes the following communities in Winnebago, Stephenson, and Boone counties: Rockford; Machesney Park; Freeport; Roscoe; Loves Park; Rockton; South Beloit; Caledonia; Durand; Rock City; and Rockton