Rep Cabello Recognizes First Female IL State Trooper

For Women’s History Month, I recognized Joanne Mariani – Illinois’ first female state trooper. She was born October 28, 1924, in Cumberland, Maryland and began her 10-week training course at the Illinois State Police (ISP) Training Academy on May 10, 1963. Back then, the police academy operated on a seven-day work week, often training 14 hours a day. This alone tells you how tough anyone had to be back then to be a police officer. During her time at the academy, she resided with some family that lived nearby, while her male classmates were quartered in barracks. Upon graduation from the ISP Academy, Mariani became the first woman Trooper in the Illinois State Police and was affectionately called a “Trooperette.” Mariani, was a mother of three while enrolled at the ISP Academy, and brought with her eight years of experience from the Evanston Police Department as a patrol officer. In Evanston she regularly dealt with crimes involving women, children, and young girls. While with the State Police, Mariani was assigned to District 3 as a plain clothes Detective available for special assignments until her resignation in 1968. Mariani passed away on July 7, 1992, at the age of 67. Thank you Joanne Mariani for stepping up to serve and protect the people of Illinois!

See the full video of Rep. Cabello’s remarks here.