Rep Cabello Excoriates Governor JB Pritzker and House Democrats for Reckless FY2024 Budget

Springfield, Illinois – Assistant Minority Leader and State Representative John M. Cabello is expressing complete outrage at the fiscal recklessness presented in the $50.4 billion dollar budget brought forward by Governor JB Pritzker and his Democratic allies in the Illinois General Assembly.

“This budget is nothing short of a slap in the face to every hardworking taxpayer in Illinois. It’s not just irresponsible, it’s offensive,” said Cabello. “The last thing the people of Illinois need is their Governor sitting there and lying to their faces, as if they were incapable of seeing through his political pork.”

Among the most egregious offenses is the annual legislative pay raise to $89,675 per lawmaker (increased from $85,000 in FY23) — a direct insult to the struggling families of Illinois. “At a time when many of our neighbors are working harder than ever just to make ends meet, Rockford Area Democrats like Dave Vella and Maurice West find it appropriate to use taxpayer funds to line their own pockets. It’s a disgrace.”

Cabello, citing the flagrant misuse of funds on pork projects said: “The Democrats’ Budget prioritizes their pet projects and partisan politics over the people they swore to serve. For example, $550 million in funding for undocumented immigrant healthcare and using ARPA funds to drive $1 billion of capital into democrat districts. These are the hard-earned dollars of Illinois taxpayers being prioritized to enhance many House Democrats’ prospects of re-election.”

Cabello also voiced concern over the looming fiscal crisis that the budget completely dismisses. “The Democrats’ plan is to spend now, tax later, and forget the consequences. It’s a sham of the highest degree, and the good people of Illinois will be the ones paying the price.”

Cabello also expressed frustration with the lack of effort to curb rising crime rates in the state. “Violent crime is impacting neighborhoods across every square inch of this state, yet this budget does nothing but turn a deaf ear. The Democrats turning their backs on law enforcement and the communities they protect is nothing short of a betrayal.”

Cabello’s demand is simple: “It’s time to put the politics aside and put the people of Illinois first. Our 40 House Republican members represent every single one of Illinois’ 102 counties, yet not a single one of us was involved in the creation of this budget. If this budget was truly as balanced and responsible as Pritzker and House Democrats say it is, then they would have listened to our ideas before presenting the FY2024 Budget to us in the middle of the night. They ought to be embarrassed.”

Representative Cabello pledges to continue his fight against such fiscal irresponsibility and to advocate for a budget that truly serves all Illinois citizens regardless of political affiliation.

For more information about the budget or to schedule interviews, please contact State Rep. John M. Cabello at (815) 621-2196

John M. Cabello is State Representative for Illinois’ 90th House District which includes the following communities in Winnebago, Stephenson, and Boone counties: Rockford; Machesney Park; Freeport; Roscoe; Loves Park; Rockton; South Beloit; Caledonia; Durand; Rock City; and Rockton.