State Representative John M. Cabello responds to Illinois Supreme Court ruling on “no cash bail”

Machesney Park, IL – State Representative John M. Cabello has issued a statement regarding the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the “no cash bail” provision in the so-called SAFE-T Act. A Kankakee judge late last year ruled the law unconstitutional where that decision was then appealed to the Supreme Court delaying the scheduled January 1, 2023, implementation of the new law.

“The Democrat controlled legislature passed the so-called SAFE-T Act in the early morning hours in January of 2021. This huge legislation with massive impact to public safety was given little time for debate and provided for very little input from law enforcement. The Democrat Governor then signed it.

The opposition from law enforcement, including nearly every Sheriff in the state, was almost unanimous. This bill was viewed as a danger to the public and their safety. The bill is an anti-law enforcement bill that prioritizes criminals over police and perpetrators over their victims. “No cash bail” allows criminals to walk free while victims live in fear of perpetrators and their associates walking the same streets as they do.

Two Democrat State’s Attorneys who put public safety over party affiliation were the first to challenge the SAFE-T Act in the court system. Dozens more State’s Attorneys joined in the lawsuits and battled for justice for victims. Ultimately the new Democrat controlled Illinois Supreme Court ignored the victims and sided with this radical progressive agenda.

The headlines say that Illinois is the “first state to have no cash bail”. The Democrats in Chicago and Springfield have now made our state and all of our residents the Guinea Pigs for their big social experiment. Even California and New York State do not have “no cash bail” but New York City and Los Angeles have the equivalent and the crime rates there are soaring.

Keeping our people safe is the number one priority of any government entity and our Democrat dominated state have just launched a major offensive against every citizen’s right to not live in fear. The main argument in the case against the “no cash bail” provision of the SAFE-T Act was the premise that this issue should have gone to the people to decide as is provided for under our constitution. Evidently some elected officials don’t understand the oath they take to uphold our constitution and the duty they have to the safety of our people.”

For further information about this ruling contact State Rep. John M. Cabello at (815) 621-2196.

John M. Cabello represents the 90th House District in the Illinois Legislature and has served as a police officer for nearly three decades.