Why Your Next Hire Should be a Veteran: Quick Insights

Smiling senior sergeant communicating on mobile phone while doing paperwork and using laptop in the office.

National Hire a Veteran Day is a call-to-action for businesses to tap into the treasure trove of potential veterans offer. Here’s a brief rundown of why veterans make excellent hires:

1. Beyond Technical Know-how: Veterans bring unique soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking, backed by professional military experience.

2. Real-World Experience: Veterans offer hands-on, real-world experience that often surpasses that of new college graduates.

3. Wide Range of Skills: Many veterans come from non-combat specialties, with skills ranging from engineering to human resources.

4. Champions of Diversity: With a diverse military background, veterans can help enrich your business’s ability to thrive in any setting.

5. Educationally Equipped: Veterans often possess degrees, thanks to programs like the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

6. Adaptable and Autonomous: Veterans are not just order-followers; they’re creative, adaptive problem solvers who can handle pressure.

7. Teamwork and Leadership: Veterans value teamwork and readily step into leadership roles, driven by their sense of camaraderie.

On National Hire a Veteran Day, let’s recognize the tremendous value veterans offer, enriching our workplaces while honoring their service.