Summer Intern Spotlight

My office offered internships this summer to give local students and young adults an opportunity to learn about government and the legislative process. My intern Dennis wrote a short essay about his experience working with my office.

Dennis has a bright future ahead of him and I want to thank him for his hard work this summer!

Throughout the summer, I have been given an incredibly educational experience into the world of government. I am currently finishing up my final quarter at DePaul University working towards my Masters of Public Administration, and am beyond grateful to Representative Cabello and his team for allowing me to utilize skills developed in the classroom in the real world. My main duties throughout the summer were working on some general communication projects, creating a revised master contact list, working on a spreadsheet of the general assembly members, and other projects as assigned by the Cabello team.

          I feel as if this internship opportunity solidified my passion for public administration, policy, and Illinois government in general. As a lifelong resident, I have become incredibly passionate about the issues our state faces, and am trying my hardest to work my way up the ladder of the Illinois government world to reach my goal of becoming a lobbyist. That being said, I was taught a number of valuable lessons relative to cementing this career plan by Representative Cabello. Working on partisan staff to develop understandings and sympathies for all issues is incredibly important, so I look forward to working within the General Assembly before becoming a governmental relations professional.

          As for the next step of my journey, I am still working on what the next chapter will look like, but I am incredibly excited and optimistic after my internship experience. Representative Cabello has done a tremendous job helping me thus far, and he has helped to guide me towards my next place of employment within the General Assembly, which I hope to start soon. I will look back at this internship and the council from Representative Cabello and his team as an incredibly fond memory, and more importantly, the first step of my career in the government world. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for this opportunity, and I look forward to working alongside my friends at the Cabello office for many years down the line.