Gun Rights Saga Continues…

Last week the Illinois Supreme Court reversed the Circuit Court and ruled in favor of the State on the assault weapons ban. 4-3 ruling. The Circuit Court had found the ban unconstitutional.

Separately on Monday, the National Shooting Sports Foundation filed a challenge in Illinois’ Southern District federal court to HB218.

House Bill 218, signed into law last week by Governor JB Pritzker, allows state officials and private parties to bring civil actions against licensed manufacturers and sellers of firearms, ammunition, and related products for damages and other relief resulting from the criminal use of a firearm by a third party.

The foundation alleges the measure doesn’t just violate the First and Second Amendments, it also violates interstate commerce and due process rights.

Elections have consequences and these legal battles demonstrate that Illinois politicians do not want to be friendly with law abiding Second Amendment supporters.

Here is a good summary article on the continued legal battle for Illinoisans’ gun rights >