Illinois Waterfowl Season: Key Dates to Mark on Your Calendar!

Attention hunting enthusiasts! The wait is almost over, as Illinois’ waterfowl hunting season is about to kick off. Here’s a quick rundown of the key dates and details you’ll want to know:

🦆 Early Canada Goose Hunting

Starting this Friday! And just so you know, if you’re in the north and central zones, you can bag up to five birds daily in September. But for my pals in the south and south-central zones, it’s two birds daily this month.

🦆 Teal Hunting

Gearing up on Sept. 9, no matter where you are in the state. Keep in mind, you can bag up to six teal birds a day (any species), and you can have up to 18 in total.

🦆 Statewide Rail Season

Kicks off Sept. 9 and goes through Nov. 17. The daily limit? A cool 25, with a total of 75 allowed.

🦆 Snipe Season

Starts Sept. 9 and lasts until Christmas Eve. Daily limit of eight, and you can have up to 24 in total.

🦆 Regular Duck & Goose Seasons

Here’s the breakdown:

– North: Oct. 21

– Central: Oct. 28

– South-central: Nov. 11

– South: Dec. 2

🦆 White-fronted Goose (Specklebelly) Season

– North: Oct. 23

– Central: Nov. 5

– South-central: Nov. 11

– South: Dec. 2

Lastly, a heads-up from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources: remember last spring’s Avian influenza outbreak? Stay cautious. Make sure to cook your game meat thoroughly (165°F is the magic number) and steer clear of any sick or dead waterfowl you come across.

Happy hunting, everyone! Stay safe and enjoy the season.