Statement from Rep. Cabello on the Migrant Crisis in Chicago

The following statement was released by State Representative John M. Cabello.

MACHESNEY PARK, IL – Today’s press conference by Governor JB Pritzker shed light on a critical issue facing our state: the influx of illegal immigrants coming to Illinois from southern border states. While the Governor outlined various measures, it is essential to recognize the root cause of this crisis – his and his party’s promotion of sanctuary state policies and advocacy for open-borders.

The concept of open borders, championed by Illinois Democrats, has led to a significant number of migrants straining our limited resources to the breaking point. The City of Chicago has been grappling with homeless encampments all summer, not just hidden in corners but blatantly on neighborhood streets, in front of business, and of most concern – inside police departments. This is not just a failure of leadership but a glaring example of misplaced priorities.

The real inhumanity in this crisis lies in the false promises made to these illegal immigrants. They have been led to believe that our state has unlimited resources to accommodate them. This is far from the truth. Our communities, our law enforcement, and our social services are overwhelmed, and the very individuals who promoted sanctuary policies are now witnessing the consequences of their actions.

Let me be clear: this is not an issue of lacking compassion. It is an issue of realism and practicality. Illinois, and particularly Chicago, is at a tipping point. Illinois homeowners face oppressive property taxes and Illinois job creators must navigate an overly regulated business climate. We must stop ignoring the needs and concerns of actual citizens while promising to meet and exceed the needs of these illegal immigrants. 

Governor Pritzker and the Illinois Democrats must abandon their reckless sanctuary state policies. We cannot continue to ignore the law and the needs of our citizens. It’s time to prioritize the safety and prosperity of Illinoisans over impractical and harmful political agendas. Only with a firm commitment to change can we begin to address the many challenges we face and ensure a secure and prosperous future for all residents of our state.

For questions, please contact State Representative John M. Cabello at 815-621-2196 with inquires.

John M. Cabello is State Representative for Illinois’ 90th House District which includes the following communities in Winnebago, Stephenson, and Boone counties: Rockford; Machesney Park; Freeport; Roscoe; Loves Park; Rockton; South Beloit; Caledonia; Durand; Rock City; and Rockton.