Rep. Cabello Votes No on $1 Billion in Tax Hikes & Increased Noncitizen Spending

Springfield, IL – Today, Illinois State Representative and Assistant Minority Leader John M. Cabello (R-Machesney Park) placed a strong “no” vote against the State of Illinois FY2025 budget – the largest partisan spending plan in state history, totaling $53.1 billion. Rep. Cabello voiced objections to several aspects of the budget, which he believes will negatively impact the residents of Illinois.

“This budget is the largest and most hyper-partisan spending plan in Illinois history, and it has a lot of problems,” stated Rep. Cabello. “It includes abusive salary hikes for politicians and is contingent on over $1 billion in tax hikes on hardworking Illinoisans. Furthermore, it allocates hundreds of millions more in spending for non-citizens, while ignoring the pressing needs of our seniors, veterans, and law enforcement.”

Cabello continued, “According to Governor Pritzker and Illinois House Democrats, it is acceptable that this budget includes 3 times as much spending for illegal immigrants than what it does for Illinois veterans who not only pay taxes, but served our country with honor. To me, this is absolutely unacceptable.”

“Governor Pritzker and House Democrats avoided transparency and overspent during our budget process and it will certainly leave our state and residents in a worse off place. They showed their willingness to burn our state’s finances to the ground just so they can have total control over the ashes they leave behind.” said Cabello.

Rep. Cabello highlighted his primary fiscal concerns with the budget:

  • Unprecedented Spending: The $53.1 billion budget is the largest in Illinois history and raises serious concerns about fiscal responsibility.
  • Lawmaker Salary Increases: The budget includes pay raises for lawmakers at a time when taxpayers are already overburdened and aren’t seeing their own salaries increase.
  • Massive Tax Increases: The budget relies on over $1 billion in taxes and fees and continues to place additional financial burdens on Illinois residents.
  • Non-Citizen Spending: Hundreds of millions are allocated to non-citizens, diverting resources from essential services that should be meant for Illinois citizens.

Beyond these fiscal issues, Rep. Cabello expressed his disgust with the budget’s hidden spending.

“This budget is riddled with hidden costs that will increase the burden state government puts on the lives of residents. For example, this budget includes 5% increases for lawmakers, at a time when residents are not seeing the same increases in their own salaries.” said Cabello. “The continued disrespect from so-called ‘representatives’  to the working taxpayer – who have countless bills mounting on their kitchen table – makes me sick,” said Cabello.

“This budget is a blatant disregard for the people of Illinois,” Cabello continued. “Our seniors, veterans, and law enforcement officers deserve better. They have been left behind by this administration’s misaligned priorities. I will continue to push back against Illinois House Democrats until they can deliver a budget that truly serves all Illinoisans and returns our state to being financially stable and secure.”

Rep. Cabello remains committed to advocating for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and a budget that reflects the true needs of Illinois residents.

For further details or inquiries, please contact Representative Cabello at 815-621-2196.


John M. Cabello is the Assistant Minority Leader and State Representative for Illinois’ 90th House District, which includes the following communities in Winnebago, Stephenson, and Boone counties: Rockford, Machesney Park, Freeport, Roscoe, Loves Park, Rockton, South Beloit, Caledonia, Durand, Rock City, and Rockton.