Rep. Cabello’s March Update

We are back in Springfield for the second half of our Spring Legislative Session. My colleagues and I will be working here at the State Capital until we adjourn for the summer on May 19th.

As an Assistant Minority Leader, my weeks in Springfield are busier than the typical State Representative. I’ve filled the past few weeks with activities like: conversations with constituents, meetings with local officials, negotiations with stakeholders, research about which bills I should support, and learning about the problems Illinois needs solved. I will briefly share a few of these items below.

Cabello Supported Initiatives

Law Enforcement Package – I am the chief co-sponsor on House Bill 2337. The proposal is aimed at addressing Illinois’ violent crime problem and renewing the state’s commitment to supporting the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our communities. The legislation consists of several key components, including the repeal of the SAFE-T Act (with the exception of the crime victims compensation portion), the movement of all police and fire personnel to Tier 1 for pensions, and a requirement for the state to maintain health insurance plans for police and fire personnel who have completed 20 years of service. This bill is currently assigned to the Rules Committee where it awaits it’s next stop in the legislative process.

Business Exodus Press Conference – I held a press conference on March 16th to discuss the continuing trend of large employers leaving Illinois for more favorable business environments. In the presser, I expressed frustration at the State’s current business situation and called on the state government to take action.

I call it like I see it: this trend is because of our state’s anti-business policies. Entities of all sizes are making decisions to leave Illinois on a daily basis. From individuals in my district driving across the Illinois-Wisconsin border for gas and groceries, to big companies and employers trying to find more favorable business climate, it happens every single day. We need good-paying jobs so that the folks that we represent can pay their bills. Their bills are mounting, and they have no good jobs to go to… It’s time for us to call upon the majority party and this Administration to do their job to protect the working-class people.

Assault Weapons Ban Press Conference and IGOLD Rally –

I participated in a press conference on Wednesday March 8th with the Illinois State Rifle Association and my House Republican colleagues, Representatives Caulkins, Elik, Tipsword, and Windhorst. We collectively urged the Illinois Attorney General to defend law-abiding gun owners in light of the March 3rd court decision ruling that the Democrat’s assault weapons ban – signed by Governor Pritzker – is unconstitutional.

The assault weapons ban that we saw come out of the Dome in Springfield is a direct attack on law abiding citizens. The criminals will never follow this law. So if we’re doing this to try and decrease crime and increase public safety, then why did we not put in the things that really matter?

Later in the month, I attended a rally with the Illinois State Rifle Association’s Gun Owners Lobby Day. This was a well-organized group that I am happy to support.

Cabello Opposed Legislation

As expected, there are a lot of bad pieces of legislation making their way through the legislative process in Springfield. As Republican Spokesperson in the Judiciary Criminal Committee, my focus has been focused specifically on many of the bad bills assigned to that committee. I will describe some of that legislation below.

HB1501, sponsored by Rep. Ford, is a bill that requires courts to take certain additional factors into consideration when determining the appropriate sentence for an individual who commits a crime while under 21 years of age. The factors to be considered include the person’s age, maturity level, home environment, and childhood trauma. This is aimed at mitigating the sentence given to young offenders.

HB2890, sponsored by Rep. Jimenez, eliminates a requirement that a minor found guilty under the juvenile court act has to submit a DNA sample. Particularly of concern, is a portion of the proposal that includes those who committed sex offenses?

A trio of bills sponsored by Rep. Slaughter are dangerous measures that will certainly lead to violent offenders back roaming the streets

  • HB2045 – reinstates parole for those who have been sentenced to a term of natural life imprisonment.
  • HB 3378 – prohibits revocation of mandatory supervised release for technical violations.
  • HB 3380 – Repeals the habitual criminal sentencing provisions

Lastly, HB 2347, sponsored by Rep. Mayfield – raises the age of detention for a minor from 10 to 13. Luckily this bill failed to pass when called on the House Floor.

Corporal Nathan E. Carlson Memorial Highway

On March 14, 2023, HRJ5, a resolution to designate a portion of Alpine Road as the “CPL Nathan E. Carlson Memorial Highway,” passed out of the Transportation: Regulations, Roads & Bridges Committee Hearing. I was deeply humbled and honored to sponsor this resolution.

I knew Corporal Carlson since he was just 2 years old, and the impact that he had on my life will be long-lasting. I am so happy his legacy will be set in stone and that community members and highway travelers alike will have the chance to remember Corporal Nathan E. Carlson as a public servant who served his community and country with pure class and respect.

John M. Cabello is the Assistant Minority Leader and State Representative for Illinois’ 90th House District which includes the following communities in Winnebago, Stephenson, and Boone counties: Rockford; Machesney Park; Freeport; Roscoe; Loves Park; Rockton; South Beloit; Caledonia; Durand; Rock City; and Rockton.